My equestrian journey is unlike some, yet very similar to others. I grew up in a non-horse family first introduced to riding at a summer camp years ago. A week-long riding camp turned into an obsession, and as the obsession grew I lessoned in various disciplines, leased and found jobs in the equine industry just to be near the animal I loved so much.

My love for horses was fueled even further in 2012 after being an intern at a horse rescue. The horses in their care had faced many hardships, and yet they still found a way to be resilient and forgiving. Over time the worry in their eyes softened to hope and trust in a new beginning. Since then my outlook on being an equestrian has forever changed.

Each horse and rider has a story, and each horse I’ve had the pleasure of working with has left an imprint on my heart forever and taught me invaluable lessons in life - whether I realized it at the time or not.

I decided to do something more. I wanted to create a community of individuals who feel the same passion for the horse as a partner that I do and so, The Equestrian's Promise was born. Whether you piaffe, roll back, jump off, walk the trail, lesson, lease or own, join the herd and display The Equestrian's Promise proudly!

Hil - Founder


I will love you for who you are, and not compare our progress to others, for every horse and rider has their story.


I will watch that you are enjoying our sport as much as I do. 


Whether I call you my own or share your talents with other riders, I will show you appreciation and respect.


I will notice when you are not acting yourself, and explore the many possible reasons why to ensure your comfort.


When I communicate with you, I will do my best to remain grounded and not allow my emotions to confuse you.

It is important to be present.


I will watch your limits, mentally and physically, and will take care not to ask too much of you too fast. 


I will seek guidance from others, for I am always learning just like you.


I will do all I can to ensure your longevity, and if you are unable to carry me any longer, or perform our discipline, I will be sure you are always taken care of.


I will never lose sight of what pulled me into this sport in the first place - love for the horse.



A Commitment to Our Equine Partners