Patience Pays Off - Devon's Story

About 19 years ago, a 12 year old OTTB named Mogul showed up at my barn as one of our new lesson horses. I was only 15 years old at the time, and I needed to ride him!

Our first lesson in the dusty outdoor arena was one of the least elegant lessons of my life, but I was absolutely hooked on Mogul. I begged for years to buy him to no avail, so eventually I settled for being "his person" emotionally. I was the fixer when he was "naughty" and the interpreter when someone couldn’t figure him out. If the other kids needed a hand with Mogul, they'd be told "Go ask Devon. She’ll tell you what you need to know."

Flash forward 14 years. Mogul was finally ready to retire from the lesson program. My years of begging to buy him were over! I didn’t care that his riding career was mostly over and that light trail riding was the only thing on the table. He was finally going to be my horse on paper, and the promise I made to him that he would stay with me forever was finally coming true.

In 2021 Mogul turns 31 years young. It will be another year of running around the paddock with his best friend, and hanging out with me while I read a book. After racing for 7 years, helping condition steeplechase youngsters for 4 years, and then teaching kids another 14 years, he deserves the world.

Grandpa unicorn!

I affectionately call him "grandpa unicorn", and he is my heart horse in every sense of the word!

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